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My '85 Buick Regal  
These pics were taken at Bluegrass Raceway Park (Owingsville,Ky)  5/28/1999
  This is only an 1/8 mile track, this pass my car went 8.597@ 81.48 mph
At the time my car had a Pontiac  .040" over 400, completely rebuilt, balanced and blueprinted to factory specs.
 The cam is an Ultradyne .288/296--.485/.507 , 6X (#8 casting) heads with new valves, new guides, new seals, springs,  locks,  retainers, new rocker arm studs(ARP 7/16), stock rocker arms. The heads were milled .050" to bump up compresion to about 9.5:1, complete 3 angle valve job, 3 tube Headman headers designed for a '64--'73 GTO,Tempest, and LaMans, with "1-5/8 tubes and "3 inch collector, dumping exhaust into 2-1/2 inch aluminized pipes with FlowMaster 2 chamber mufflers. The intake is an Edelbrock Torker 1(the older style) with a Holley 650 double pump carb. The ignition is a stock HEI distributor with an advance weight and spring kit, and Accel Super Coil with Accel 8mm plug wires. The fuel pump is an electric Holley Max-Pressure series with the regulator set at 6-1/2 psi.
   The trans. is a 350 Turbo with a fresh rebuild, and the converter is a TCI "Break a Way" 2600-2800 stall. I had a high perf. racing band,racing sprag, clutches, and a Fairbanks shift improver kit installed.  
   The rear suspension isn't really anything special, I installed a pair of SouthSide Machine lift bars with 5-1/2 degrees of pinion angle, all new bushings and boxed in the upper control arms, new  variable rate coil springs designed for a '79 Malibu StationWagon, and Gabriel shocks.
    The rearend is a 7.5 10 bolt with stock axles, the gear ratio is 3:23, I was only running a singal track (non posi) carrier from an '87 Chevy S-10 , with M/T ET drag slicks 26 x 8.5-14, I had a 1.918 '60 time
    The front suspension has all new upper and lower control arm bushings, 90/10 Competition Enginering drag shocks, coil springs from a '79 Malibu Station Wagon, and stock 235/60/14  front tires .

These are pics of the .030 455 that I installed about 7 months later, this engine with the same cam, intake, headers/exhaust,and heads that were on the 400, 750cfm Holley double pump ran a 7.76@90.91mph 1/8 mile, ya gotta love the low end torque of these monsters...YEAH!


The interior is kind of a mess, serves its purpose..
I have installed a B&M Megashifter in the factory console, I also have an AutoMeter oil pressure, temp. guage and 5in. tach with shift light.

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