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                  B&M MegaShifter swap into an '87 Olds Cutlass                                                     

First off you need to find a parts console if you don't want to cut up the factory orininal  ( "indicator light plate" the center plate that runs 3/4 the length of the console that the arm rest tray is attached to and the gear position indicator plate with the letters)you will also need a piece of sheet metal about 12" x 12" x 1/16" thick if you do it like my installation.     !Just remember all cars are different and yours may vary!
First I removed the plate on the floorboard that the front of the factory shifter bolts to, it is located under the stereo, it is about an 1-1/2 wide and sticks up 3/4"
off the floor to level the shifter. I used a 5/16" drill bit to drill out the weld,  ! Don't drill all the way through the floor !   just enough to break the weld loose and tap the plate off the floor.(use the drill bit that best suits the weld spots on yours)
 Then I placed the B&M shifter on the floor and with the console dissasimbled I placed it over the shifter to see where the shifter needed to be bolted to the floor, I marked the holes for the shifter drilled the floorboard and welded nuts to the underside of the floor for the shifter bolts(the last step doesn't need to be done, just use nuts with a washer about 3/4" in diameter, a big washer will keep the nut from ripping the floor)bolt the shifter to the floor, place the console over it, ( this is were you will need a parts console or one you don't care to cut up)cut out the center part of the indicator light plate as to where it needs it, next cut out the plate that has the gear position letters on it, try to keep at least 1 inch around the edges. Next I cut out a piece of 1/16" sheet metal the same size as the plate with the letters on it, and cut out the center of it the same size as the lower part of the shifter boot, this is what I used to hold the shifter boot down and to cover up my happy cuts to the plasic , I drilled four holes around the edges to hold it to the factory plate with the letters on it, I drilled and tapped this plate also, I used a 5/16 tap to thread the holes, used some spare bolts I had laying around to hold it in place.
I didn't use the gear position indicator because to me it was to much trouble. I used the B&M shifter desinged for a '81 prior Trans-Am, and Camaro, this gave me the right height and park to 1st gear throw. This is the 4th install I have done like this and it is well worth the time and very little trouble. I hope the info I provide helps with your install. This is just temp. I will add more to the console to give it a better look.
And remember, it takes two types of men to work on a to keep it stock.....and one to chop it up.



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